The Dark Hallways – SAG Ultra Low – Short – Part of a feature film to be shot later in the year.

Genre – Horror Anthology.

When – Auditions will take place Saturday February 23rd 2-day shoot will take place in March 2019

Where – Chicago IL and surrounding suburbs.

THE DARK HALLWAYS – A deranged horror writer lures a study group to an isolated house to educate them on his chilling craft by retelling his macabre anthology, with ultimate real-world consequences. 

CHARACTERS – Union and Non. All Paid.

1.       Little Girl-Lead, 8-11 years old, African-American. This role requires heavy special effect makeup, running and fighting.

2.       Mandy-Lead, 20-30’s, Caucasian, Latina or Asian female, photographer, artistic, caring, curious. This is a very physical role which requires running and fighting.  Requires heavy special effect makeup. 

3.       Trina-Lead, 20-30’s, African-American female, smart, aggressive, cunning, also caring and empathetic. Role requires fight scene.  Requires some special effect makeup.

Actors that are chosen for the short will be considered for the feature film later in the year.

Submit a photo and resume to reserve your audition slot for Feb in Chicago. You may also send us a reel if you are not local or can’t make the audition. 

Submissions are now closed. If you submitted you will receive your time slot and your sides by Feb 9th 2019. Thank you!